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Welcome to Jambars Futbol Club!

Jambars FC has created a soccer program that will be a positive experience for players and parents alike. Thank you for entrusting your player to us and our dynamic soccer organization.

This letter will give you some helpful information about our philosophy and approach to youth soccer. Three things describe Jambars FC - Family, School and Soccer, that’s the Jambars FC way. We want you to understand that your family comes first in every situation, no matter what, we will always support you. School comes second. No matter how talented your player is on the field, your education should be the top priority. Soccer is third; that is the reason you chose to become a part of Jambars FC. It is a privilege to be in partnership with you and mutual commitment is expected at all times.

Jambars FC believes in transparency for all our operations. We will never allow the administrative side of the organization to over-power the attention and resources we give to the development of our players, or affect the experience for our families. We believe our players come first, and our staff and trainers are committed to that end. All players will be given the opportunity to achieve their top potential in the game. Whether it is in the top youth levels, college level, or even professional level, we will provide all the elements at our disposal to achieve that goal.  Jambars FC has sought out the best staff of trainers who also believe in the Jambar’s Way; they are eager to help us accomplish our mission. We will continue to provide them the training and education necessary to help them continually live up to all the Club’s expectations.  Jambars FC believes in the family model for our staff as well; all will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Jambars FC welcomes your family to get involved in our organization. We want to give our players the experience of a lifetime and have their family by their side. Soccer is a way of life that asks the whole family to experience it as fully as the players. Because in life, improvement is better achieved when the people you care about most are able to give their support. With that said, Jambars FC will help educate our parents about the game, we will help give you the knowledge of the game so you can enjoy watching your children. Become involved by volunteering when possible so your player sees the interest you have in them and what they are doing. We encourage you to observe practice sessions anytime you want, learn along with your player.

Soccer is more than just game experience. Jambars FC will expect our players to also respect the game by always following the expectations listed here.
  • Interacting comfortably with teammates and their peers.
  • Respecting their fellow teammates on and off the pitch.
  • Working together as a team toward a common goal.
  • Dealing with the demands of the game in victory and in defeat.
  • Respecting opponents, coaches and referees.
  • Be knowledgeable about the rules of the game; accepting and obeying them at all times.
  • Believing in and obeying our zero-tolerance for bullying.
This is the Jambars FC philosophy, it is important to us, and hope, by sharing it in writing, you will know of our commitment to the Jambars Way. 

Personally, I would like to wish every parent and player much success in the future and remember, development lasts forever.

Oumar Seck - Director of Coaching
Jambars Futbol Club

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